TeenaRee Gowdy Nuvo Zydeco Concert

Saturday evening showcases TeenaRee Gowdy and Vancouver-based Nuvo Zydeco Band. The Zydeco movement began in Louisiana, with French Acadian African roots and blues musicians. The Nuvo Zydeco band is led by Randall Schultz from Vancouver.This versatile musician lived in western Louisiana for over five years. He completely embraced the music and culture, and upon his return to Canada, made it his mission to introduce Zydeco in BC

TeenaRee Gowdy was reintroduced to her Zydeco roots while attending a family funeral in Atlanta. Born in Louisiana and raised in California, the singer
songwriter married and moved o BC over thirty years ago. After seven years of research and development (and singing and dancing), TeenaRee and Global Citizen created a music workshop series explaining the close relationship between Canadian black culture and Louisiana Zydeco. This Okanagan concert is the finale of the 2022 workshop sessions.

Please note that Saturday and Sunday Day passes do not include the evening events.