T. Buckley Acoustic Trio

Saturday, November 25th | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm | Mary Irwin Theatre | $49
Intermission: No

The RCA is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the award-winning songwriter T. Buckley, who will be performing alongside his acoustic trio. Their impeccable harmonies and intricate arrangements serve as the ideal conduit for delivering Buckley's evocative narratives. T. Buckley’s Acoustic Trio bring a diverse and dynamic show to the stage. Focusing mostly on Buckley’s original compositions with some complementary cover tunes sprinkled in the set list, the trio’s tight harmonies and intricate arrangements are the perfect vehicle to deliver Buckley’s evocative narratives. Audiences will enjoy a night of memorable melodies, storytelling and exemplary musicianship.

Listen to T. Buckley Acoustic Trio

Refund Policy: No refunds for this event.