It All Started With a Dick Pic - The Stripsical by Ms Coco Creme and Trina Budai

Show Name: It All Started With a Dick Pic - The Stripsical by Ms Coco Creme and Trina Budai.

Company/Artist: Coco Creme Burlesque, Kamloops BC

Rating: M

Description of Show
"It All Started With a Dick Pic is an original burlesque theatrical production created, conceptualized, and written by Ms Coco Crème with writing and editing by Trina Budai, and content contributors from around the world.

The production is set in a near-future post-apocalyptic setting. On flashing back to how it all happened, we see it was with men
being horrible online. Eventually, it was just one too many dick pics, and it started a revolution. Women and allies all over the world
rose up, formed a massive organized movement, and destroyed all the misogynists and all the constructs built by the patriarchy.
Then, the world - though in shambles - was entirely at peace.
The end of the world, started with a dick pic.

The production is fully narrated - the story line takes the audience through a set of choreographed burlesque strip tease numbers. “Jane Everywoman”, with Jane being played by different lead performers each act."

Venue: Salloum Rehearsal Hall

Show Times:
Thurs, Sept 19 - 6:45PM
Fri, Sept 20 - 5:15PM
Sat, Sept 21 - 3:15PM
Sat, Sept 21 - 8:15PM
Sun, Sept 22 - 1:45PM

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