Vernon Proms Classical Music Festival: Lullabies, Liturgy and Lament-LIVE STREAM ONLY

Okanagan coloratura soprano, Tracy Fehr, will present a concert featuring female European composers and performers from Hildegarde von Bingen of the Medieval era to Josepha Weber and the Age of Opera. Meet well known composers and musicians such as Hildegarde, Beatriz de Dia, and Barbara Strozzi, as well as less known artists like Christine de Pisan, Francesca Caccini, Anna Bon, and Isabella Leonarda! Through songs, stories and costumes of the era, Tracy Fehr will bring to life the women composers and musicians throughout the centuries with a focus on music making in the private and public, the sacred and the secular.

For the live stream information, kindly visit the Vernon Proms Music Festival website and Facebook page https:www.facebook.comvernonproms