In the Galleries

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is home to multiple unique gallery spaces that are located both indoors and outdoors. Our galleries feature and promote artists from the Okanagan and British Columbia, and we occasionally show work from artists across Canada, as well as international artists. In each gallery space, you will find work by artists at many different stages of their careers, including artists who are amateur/hobbyists, up-and-coming, semi-professional, and professional.

We show work by individual artists, and many of our exhibitions are organized in collaboration with artist collectives or Kelowna-based institutions like the University of British Columbia – Okanagan, Studio 9 School for the Arts, the Ponderosa Spinners Guild, and the Thursday Group.

In addition to our indoor gallery spaces like the Alex Fong Galleria and the Mezzanine Gallery, we are excited to partner with ARTSCO, which curates the Urban Screen on the front of our building. This space, which can be viewed from our west side lawn or from within our building at Roma Nord Bistro, features diverse contemporary projection art from nationally and internationally recognized artists.

Our building is also the home of multiple studios where individuals and groups of artists create, curate, and display work. Visit the Alternator Centre, ARTSCO, Ponderosa Fibre Arts Guild, Potter’s Addict, Brandy Masch, and Cool Arts.

Apply to Exhibit

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is committed to providing exhibition space for local and emerging artists. We also curate themed, yearly, full-building group exhibitions. Artists are encouraged to apply for individual or group shows in our various exhibition spaces including the Galleria, Mezzanine, Atrium & Display Cases. Click HERE for more information. 

Current Exhibits

Winter/Spring 2023

Alex Fong Galleria


Atrium Display Cases: 


First Floor Studio Hallway

RCA Outdoor Art Wall

  • TBA

Past Exhibits

March 2023-May 2023

December 2022-February 2023

October-November 2022

August-September 2022

June-July 2022

April-May 2022

February-April 2022

December 2021-February 2022

Alex Fong Galleria

September-December 2021

Alex Fong Galleria

  • Sub/Urban Complex – Victoria Verge and Clea Haugo 

May- August 2021

Alex Fong Galleria

Mobile Art Gallery


Display Cases

First Floor Studio Hallway


May- July 2021

Outside Art Wall

April- May 2021

Alex Fong Galleria

February- March 2021

Alex Fong Galleria

Atrium and Display Cases


February 2021

Digital Outdoor Art Exhibition

Upper Theatre Lobby

January 10-30, 2021

Digital Outdoor Art Exhibition

November 2020- January 2021

Alex Fong Galleria

Display Cases

Atrium and the Boardroom

September- October 2020

August 2020

July-August 2020

March- July 2020

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019