RCA Summer Visions: Youth Exhibition 2023

Dates: August 17th  - December 17th, 2023

Location: Interior Health, 2nd floor, 505 Doyle Ave., Kelowna

A collective collaboration involving 4 visual instructors, 20 youth and 140 children from the Okanagan.

Step into a world of youthful creativity and imagination at the RCA Summer Visions: Youth Exhibition 2023. This captivating showcase brings together the vibrant and diverse artistic expressions of children and teens, capturing the essence of their summer exploration at the Rotary Centre for the Arts (RCA) in Kelowna’s Cultural District.

Comprising a collection of 33 captivating pieces, the exhibition spotlights the remarkable talent nurtured through two distinct programs offered by RCA. Seventeen of these artworks are the result of the RCA’s Summer of Arts - Visual Art Intensive Program. Designed for aspiring artists aged 13 to 16, in a transformative 3-day course. Guided by skilled instructors, participants delved into the world of visual arts, embracing a spectrum of techniques including dry media, wet media, and abstract painting. As the program culminated, the young artists crafted a larger masterpiece for this exhibition. A significant component of RCA's Summer of Arts, this program was made possible through the generous support of the Sedin Family Foundation, underpinning 8 weeks of cost-free artistic enrichment for youth in the Kelowna community. This period included drop-in sessions, immersive 3-day intensives tailored for youth and teenagers, and engaging family-oriented activities that welcomed all ages.

Complementing these transformative works, the exhibition also showcases 16 captivating pieces that bear the distinct mark of the RCA's Arts Blast Camp. Catering to the artistic energy of children aged 5 to 10, this summer-long camp unfolded against an ever-changing backdrop of themes - "Animal Planet," "All Around the World," "Dinosaurs," and "Deep-Sea Adventure."  Awe-inspiring creativity emerged as each of the 16 artworks was crafted through the collaboration of over 130 enthusiastic campers. These young minds contributed their expressions, ultimately culminating in a harmonious tapestry where small, individual pieces melded into larger, enchanting backgrounds.

The RCA Summer Visions: Youth Exhibition 2023 is a testament to the potency of artistic exploration, a window into the innovative prowess of young creators who seized the summer to give life to their imaginative visions. As you stroll through the exhibit, you'll witness not only the transformational power of artistic education but also the collective brilliance that emerges when young minds come together to explore, create, and inspire.

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