Yuliya McMahon

in the Atrium

July-August 2020

Yuliya McMahon is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine and she has been drawing and sculpting since she was very little. Throughout her career, she has been involved with a variety of artistic endeavours including painting portraits and caricatures, decorating store window displays, theatre set decoration and creating product and packaging design.

For over a decade Yuliya has been working as a Computer Animator on movies and TV shows in Canada, and her true passion is creating fantasy art paintings and sculptures, which she has been doing since high school. After moving to Canada in 2004 and living in Toronto and Vancouver, she now calls Kelowna, BC home.

In 2019, one of Yuliya’s sculptures, “Purple Snail Fairy”, won 1st prize in the advanced category of the International Art Doll Registry’s “Elfin Boys & Girls” competition, and in 2020 she was selected to be one of the judges on the International Art Doll Registry in order to help emerging artists improve by judging their work in online competitions. "Purple Snail Fairy", and more of Yuliya’s work is currently on display at The Fernie Brae Gallery in Portland Oregon. Yuliya's work can also be seen at Karmyc Bazaar in Kelowna, BC.