Art for Change / Atutu Canada

June 4 - September 5

Trash is a Failure of the Imagination. Art For Change is not. Be inspired by the creativity, imagination and innovation of trash artists, builders, designers, performers, musician and videographers from Canada, Myanmar, Australia, USA and more. Art For Change 2022 is the creation of Kelowna-based Atutu Canada and includes 5 exhibits and 3 events at the RCA, Mary Irwin Theatre, Alternator Centre For Contemporary Art and the Okanagan Heritage Museum

The following Arts For Change exhibits will be at the RCA: Beauty in the Beast, Think Big, The Language of Art, (Beauty What! is at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art - located within the RCA.)

The Language of Art (Art For Change) delves into the power of imagery, and how it is used as a tool in promoting change, in educating its audience, in overcoming communication barriers and  evoking emotion. The Language of Art will be displayed in our 1st Floor Hallway.

Beauty in the Beast (Art For Change) (Alex Fong Galleria | Atrium) showcases the work of artists from Canada, US, Myanmar, Australia and India. Their inspiration is drawn from derelict cars and tractors, nuts and bolts, paper, magazines, stained glass, plastic, beach pollution and rubber tires.

Think Big (Art For Change) is about community restoration projects that rely on collaboration between artists and community members, and about individual mural artists who transform the mundane into meaningful message art.  Think Big is located on our Outdoor Art Wall.