Stephanie Perry and Ariane Kamps September-October 2020

in the Boardroom

Culture Days Exhibit: “Natural Instincts”

Stephanie Perry's Artist Statement

My work focuses on the “natural sacred” in the environment. My particular focus is to highlight the divinity of animals and how each play a pivotal role in our ecosystem.  I also focus on life cycles, instincts and behaviors of animals and visually express those themes with my work through animal portraiture and narrative composition. Most of my work is acrylic and oil on canvas or birch.

Ariane` Kamps' Artist Statement

Ariane` Kamps’ figurative oil and watercolor paintings reflect the hope and wonderment of her subject matter, captured in moments of introspection, and reflecting on their thoughts and emotions. In times of isolation, humans often find themselves acting on their most honest natural instincts. Many of these works were created during the lockdown of 2020 and were inspired by quotes or feelings that friends and family shared.

Ariane` Kamps :