Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy’s A Celtic Family Christmas At Home

December 19   |   8 pm   |   Virtual
Tickets: $25

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Welcome to the home of Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy and their seven children!

Experience Christmas with Natalie and Donnell like never before. Join their family intimately as they warmly invite you into their home, sharing their music, their unique way of life, but also their personal life, raising children, farming, and Christmas traditions still honoured and celebrated.

This show will feature some traditional and original music with the whole family but also a few special numbers with their own stellar band; Mac Morin on piano, Mark Kelso on drums, Remi Arsenault on bass and Elmer Ferrer on guitar, as well as a few personal stories, candid moments and the MacMaster/Leahy Christmas food traditions! Nothing is ever dull in this house!

I’m Natalie MacMaster and together with my husband Donnell Leahy and our seven children, we will be celebrating Christmas virtually this year!! For decades, we have toured extensively at Christmas, but this year marks our most unique one, taking the stage to our home! We will spend just over an hour sharing with you much of our music and culture, Christmas traditions and general real life family dynamic in the comfort of our own home!! We are quite excited to play our music for you (which includes the children as well for many of the tunes), do some dancing, some singing, some baking, talk about Christmas memories past and even have our band join us for a couple virtual performances! Given our children’s ages and personalities, there will be many candid moments along the way. I’ve heard it said that every disadvantage creates an opportunity. Well we have embraced this chance to perform for a crowd in such a unique way and are eagerly awaiting the moment you all show up at our front door, ready to welcome you home!

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