Sun FM Dance Studio

Perfect for dance lessons, jazz festival, small band performances, music programs for toddlers, cultural dance classes, martial arts, salsa/African dance/bellydance, yoga sessions, or Zumba fitness.

One of the most beautiful spaces in the Centre, this studio is centrally located next to the box office. Inside you’ll find 1,047 square feet of studio space with a sprung-wood floor, mirrored walls, a dance barre, and speakers. This brightly-lit area has been rented for belly dancing, flamenco, jazz, yoga and music recitals. Meetings are also welcome in this space.

Rental rates (Effective March 1, 2022)

  • Regular: $42/hr — $294 per day
  • Non-profit*: $32/hr — $221 per day

Please Note: Minimum room rental is 2 hours per day. *Non-profit number must be supplied to qualify.


  • Capacity: Up to 40
  • Size: 1047 square feet

Room Map

Facility Rental Enquiries

Contact at (250) 717-5304 ext 111 or [email protected].

Terms & Conditions