School Group Programs 2023/24

Want to experience one or more performing art forms in one venue: we have space - the passion - and the instructors.
We are in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District, if you are booking field trips to the Kelowna Art Gallery or Kelowna Museums and want to include performing arts for your students – we are here for you. We have many options to choose from to make your day in the Cultural District dramatically “over the top”. Our professional artists are passionate about what they teach and have been instructing for the RCA for many years. They are well versed in the new curriculum core competencies and look forward to assisting teachers in all teaching endeavors. 

Have your Kindergarten to Grade 5 students experience one or more performing art forms in one venue.

Thank you to SD23 for their continued support in RCA Arts Discovery Programs.

Want to book a full day field trip? The Cultural District offers a variety of school group programs:

Rotary Centre for the Arts
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Phone: 250-717-5304 ext. 116

Kelowna Art Gallery
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Kelowna Museums
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COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are taking the utmost care to provide a safe and healthy environment for your students. Your health and safety is our top priority. See our COVID-19 safety measures for school groups.

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Our class field studies workshop options provide in-person instructions from certified instructors. Our professional art instructors are passionate about what they teach and have been instructing for the RCA for many years. They are well versed in the new curriculum core competencies and look forward to assisting teachers in all teaching endeavors. Performing arts sessions are held in the RCA’s dance studios, equipped with sprung wood flooring. 

The following programs are offered for school classes from Kindergarten to Grade 5 and range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of instruction, Monday - Friday:

Circus Arts

Fall – Monday to Friday: Mornings | Winter and Spring – Monday to Friday: Mornings / Afternoons

Experience the Circus and learn to Hoop dance! Here we dive into accessible and fun ways to connect to our bodies, alongside a hula hoop, perhaps in ways that you didn’t realize possible. Expand what you think you know about hula hoops. Let’s take tricks, concepts, and combinations to the next level. In this unique program, each student is encouraged to find their own unique style and to allow their creativity to run free.

Instructors Bio: Aimee Arsenault was part of the RCA’s Summer of Arts in 2023. Aimee brings her passion and ability to tell stories through movement arts. She is a multidimensional entertainer, flow facilitator & fun instigator! She lives for engaging the community in the endless fun that is Hoops and Circus Arts. Rooted in the Okanagan, she shares her gifts of movement art through Stage Entertainment, Characters, and Special Events throughout BC. Find her teaching Local & Online Classes to wonder seekers of all ages. Instagram

Pre-class preparation: Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Hoola-Hoops and movement props are provided for each participant.

Martial Arts: Kung Fu

Fall, Winter, and Spring – Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Join Great Way Martial Arts to learn more about this applied ancient art form! This course offers an opportunity to practice this “no contact” performance art. This class, consisting of open hand and body movement forms, teaches the students a sequence of moves with an "I can, I must, I will!” attitude. Great Way Martial Arts believes in praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to help students gain new self-confidence, self-control, and respect. 

Instructor Bio: Great Way Martical Arts has several professional instructors. Sifu Jesse Ulman and Sihing Aaron Hammer are part of the wonderful team working in our Arts Discovery Program.

Pre-class preparation: Students should wear comfortable, light clothing and footwear. No Dangling Jewelry.

Theatre Arts

Fall, Winter, and Spring – Tuesdays to Thursdays: Mornings/Afternoons

Experience and learn about theatre and acting with professional instructors from New Vintage Theatre! New Vintage Theater is a group of professional artists bringing new, innovative contemporary theater to Kelowna. They believe theater should be accessible, engaging, and exciting for all. This engaging and interactive course includes theater games and a mini performance at the end of the session. Bring your imagination as we explore the theater arts in this fun and fabulous course!

Instructors Bio: New Vintage Theater has several professional actors and theater arts instructors. Bonnie Gratz, Brock Gratz, Josie Marrow, and Karlina Dewolff are all part of the exceptional team working in our Arts Discovery Program.

Pre-class preparation: Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

World Beat Dance

Fall, Winter, and Spring – Monday Friday: Mornings and Afternoons

Learn all about cultural dance from around the world with instructor Tascheleia Marangoni (Tosca) from Worldbeat Dance! This class will include a warm-up, lots of fun techniques and information, and a little combination at the end. Choose from one of the options below:
Hawaii - Hula
Spain - Flamenco
Egypt - Belly Dance
Cuba - Salsa
India - Bollywood & Bhangra
Greece - Line Dance

Instructor Bio: Tascheleia Marangoni is a professional dancer & artist who resides in Kelowna, BC. She began her studies in dance at the age of 3, and boasts over 40 years of training and experience. She is a dancer, instructor, choreographer, studio owner, performer, and producer of dance from over twenty genres. These include classical dance styles and cultural dance, focusing on her passion for Dance Ethnology.

Pre-Class preparation: Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Available in French

World Rhythm, Songs, and Stories

Fall, Winter, and Spring – Monday to Friday: Mornings and Afternoons

Bring your musical Passport as we travel the world through indigenous rhythms, songs and stories that express our connection to each other and nature! Participants will learn basic hand drumming techniques, musical concepts and sing call and response songs. Students will also experience and play a variety of unique percussion instruments from around the world. Teachers will learn how to adapt and apply these techniques into rhythm art in their classrooms.

Instructor Bio: Angela Roy, is a bilingual artist educator and recipient of the Prime Ministers Award of Excellence. For over a decade she toured Western Canada, South and Central America performing and facilitating rhythm and songwriting programs for all ages. She recorded two albums with her band, and has been featured on CBC TV/RADIO, Shaw TV, and the Westcoast Visionary Book. She is dedicated to building the pathways of the performing arts to engage, empower, and connect children and youth to build confidence and awareness., YouTube: Freedom Arts

Pre-class preparation: Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Drums and Percussion Instruments provided for each participant.

Musical Theater

Fall, Winter, and Spring – Monday to Friday: Mornings/Afternoon/Evenings

Come along on a fantastical musical theatre adventure, where we will explore music, acting and dancing in a fun and creative way! Students will learn the fundamentals of musical theatre, from song and dance, to creating characters and making the story come alive. Students will have the chance to explore the many parts of musical theatre while also building confidence, learning teamwork, and discovering their bravery to be anyone or anything.

Instructors Bio: Josie Morrow is a local director, instructor and performer specializing in musical theatre and voice. With over 20 years of experience being on stage, she has performed all over North America and the United Kingdom. Josie has gained many experiences and wisdoms that she loves to share with performers of all experience levels. She is passionate about sharing her love of music, theatre and dance with her community and the people of the world. She believes that musical theatre is a bridge of understanding between all of us. Josie strives to use musical theatre to help children (and people of all ages) to understand themselves, each other and find strength, bravery and confidence within themselves. Facebook  | Instagram 

Pre-class preparation: Students should be in comfortable clothing and footwear ideal for movement. Water is also recommended.