Mal Gagnon

Studio 114

For the past 25 years Mal Gagnon’s distinctive paintings have graced the walls of residential and business clientele throughout the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Mal Gagnon was born in Vanguard, Saskatchewan and received his formal art training at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. In 1988 he moved to the Okanagan where he continued to pursue his career both in advertising and fine art. He has had many private and corporate commissions from mining companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, golf clubs, wineries and real estate companies.

His approach to fine art has changed in the past few years when he decided to switch from watercolor to acrylic painting. A shift to a more stylized type of painting and a departure from a realistic representational form of art has yielded positive results. Working on a larger sale and using a brighter color palette has also added to this new found success.

He also considers his most significant breakthrough to minimize the use of a reference source for his paintings in favor of creating a composition from memory to be a very empowering part of his art.

His passion for his art and the Okanagan are evident in his many paintings that depict the beautiful scenery and exciting places this region has to offer.