Mary Irwin Theatre

The Mary Irwin Theatre is a unique and intimate venue for music and dance recitals, theatre productions, concerts, corporate presentations and meetings. The 326-seat theatre boasts exceptional acoustics and state of the art light, sound and stage equipment. The theatre comes equipped with dressing rooms and a fully furnished green room.

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Mary Irwin Theatre. 8 hours (Continuous Time Includes 1 tech)
Please note: Saturday bookings are subject to Performance Rate. Rehearsal rate will not apply.
$985 or 10% of gross (whichever is higher)$650$540
Additional Hours: past 8 and up to 12*$140/hour$102/hour$85/hour
Beyond 12 hours$200/hour$135/hour$115/hour
Rehearsal Days: 8 hours (continuous time) incl. 1 Tech$615$485$405
Additional Shows$375$240$200
Dark Days$175 per day$175 per day. One free per week$175 per day. One free per week
Additional Tech Rates (2 hr minimum/per day)$35/hour$35/hour$35/hour

*You are required to have a Rotary Centre for the Arts paid technician on site.
This charge is $35/hour and will be added to your rental fees.

Capital Improvement Fund Surcharge (CIF) : All Event Rentals are subject to CIF at $1.43 + GST per attendee.

Grand Piano Rental : $100 (without tuning) or $230 per rental (includes one tuning)

4 hour call – Mon, Tue or Wed
Includes projector, technician, and one test in the theatre at an earlier day/time
4 hour call – Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Includes projector, technician, and one test in the theatre at an earlier day/time

Basic Technical Information for Mary Irwin Theatre (MIT)


Seating is for 326 seats plus six wheelchair positions.

Greenroom and Dressing rooms

Two dressing rooms with full washroom facilities including showers and mirror spaces for 10 people each are connected to a Greenroom. The Greenroom, in turn, leads to the stage left wing. The Greenroom has a washer and dryer.


Stage dimensions: A soft proscenium end stage with a standard maximum playing width of 30′ and a playing depth upstage from the proscenium of 28′. This stage area has a “D” thrust, which has a maximum centreline depth downstage of the proscenium of 10′. Given a 30′ proscenium, and 8′ legs, the stage right wing is a 2 ½’ wide while the stage left wing is 15′ wide by 16′ feet high for most of the stage depth. One pillar obstructs the wing down left. The rear crossover is 11′ wide at its maximum, accessible by a 14 ½’ wide 16′ high opening in the back wall, which permits some operational storage. The stage left wing access is 9 ½’ high by 7 ½’ wide.

Fly system

Double hung. Given all drapes hung, 5 pipes remain empty. More can be freed up depending upon the event configuration. Only qualified people will be allowed to operate the fly system.

Lighting positions

The theatre has five flown lighting positions behind the proscenium and three front of house lighting catwalks as well as lighting positions along both right and left stage and auditorium walls and at the rear of the house.

Lighting Inventory

20 – ETC Source 4 PAR cans with barn doors (575 watt) (in house hang)
20 – ETC Source 4 19 Degree (750 watt) (in house hang)
20 – ETC Source 4 26 Degree (750 watt) (in house hang)
6 – Celecon – Aurora 3 Cell Cyc Lights (1000w) (in house hang)
12 – Strand SL 19 Degree (575 watt)
11 – Strand SL 26 Degree (575 watt)
4 – Par 64 (1000w)
9 – Fresnels (575w)
9 – 1000w Strand single cell cyc lights (1000w)


The stage has a proscenium-defining full-width draw drape, a guillotine main drape and four sets of masking legs and teasers and germans, a black scrim, two travellers and a cyclorama.


Steinway B

Sound System & Equipment

3 Mackie SRM 450 powered 2-way speakers(FOH)
1 Mackie SRS1500A powered subwoofer
2 Behringer 800 watt subs
1 A & H ML30000 24 channel mixing console
1 Behringer 24 channel mixing console
1 Mackie 12 channel mixing console
1 Ashly GQX 31-1 1/3 octave equalizer (long throw)
4 Behringer dual 31 graphics equalizer
1 Tascam CD-A700 CD/cassette combo deck
3 AKG C535EB condenser
5 Shure SM58 cardiod microphones
4 SM 57 mics
CAD drum kit mic set
5 Radial JDI Passive Direct Injection Boxes
2 Behringer Active Direct Injection Boxes
10 various vocal mics
1 Alesis Quadraverb FX Unit
3 Dynacord AM-12 powered monitors and additional powered speakers
14 mic stands with booms


Accessible everywhere in the theatre and service areas. Sound operation of the main mixer is in the same acoustic space as the performers.

Video System

1 NEC 3500 Lumen Projector
Christie DWU851-Q 1DLP Projector
1 9’x12′ DaLite Rear Projection Screen (Hung US of Mid Traveller)

Note: Video can be run at FOH position from laptop (renter supplied).