#MyRCA Telling the RCA story together

#MyRCA is a collective storytelling project that aims to tell the story of the RCA from the grassroots up. By sharing their memories and photos of the RCA over the years, our patrons, partners, and collaborators are helping us to tell an expansive and inclusive story about this unique community space, and the important role it has had in cultivating a dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Central Okanagan. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch all these wonderful memories. But for a little taste of what #MyRCA means to our community, scroll down to read a few particularly special stories.

A Wedding in the Spotlight

If you've been around arts and culture in Kelowna, odds are you've met Valaura and Vince, the power couple behind By Jove Marketing. During the stressful early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, By Jove stepped in to help the RCA reassure our community that #CultureDoesntStop. ⁠But Vince and Valaura aren't just special to the RCA. The RCA is a pretty special place for them, too. That's because when they decided to tie the knot, they chose to do so on the stage of the Mary Irwin Theatre, taking a star turn in front of all their closest family members and friends. While we're always proud to host world-class live entertainment, Vince and Valaura's wedding is a lovely reminder that the RCA is first and foremost a community space; a place to gather, connect, and make memories with your friends and neighbours. Cheers to our good friends, Vince and Valaura, who generously shared their story with us. ⁠

Photo courtesy of Kevin Trowbridge Photography, a preferred RCA vendor.

Building Creative Community: Arts Picnic 2010

In this #MyRCA throwback, we're reaching all the way back to 2010, when the RCA was buzzing with activity for Arts Picnic, an exciting celebration of art, culture, and creativity for the whole community. This unique event brought the RCA together with the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. Together, the three organizations hosted a free, all-ages arts extravaganza on the RCA Commons and Daily Courier Performance Court. Attendees enjoyed a whole range of family-friendly activities, form finger painting to crafting, and were even treated to a stunning live performance under the stars from the National Youth Orchestra. Arts Picnic is a wonderful reminder of the power of art and creativity to build community and connection, and we look forward to another twenty years of community programming.


A Turn on the Catwalk: The Sugarplum Ball

Back in 2015, the Kelowna Pride Society took over the RCA and brought it to life for the inaugural Sugarplum Ball! KPS created the Sugarplum Ball to celebrate the installation of Kelowna's first rainbow crosswalk. In recognition of his support of the crosswalk initiative, Mayor Colin Basran was named Mayor Sugarplum and took a fabulous turn on the Atrium catwalk, to everyone's delight. The RCA was proud to host such an inclusive and diverse event, which brought the community together to celebrate with pride. Six years on, KPS remains a close community partner, having hosted the 2021 Kelowna Pride Festival right here at the RCA. Here's to many more years of fabulous, joyful celebration at the RCA!⁠

Photos courtesy of Kelowna Pride Society and Vincent Jones.⁠