Rotary Centre for the Arts 

Strategic Priorities & Goals | 2018-2022


Continued Organizational Excellence

The Rotary Centre for the Arts will:

  1. Demonstrate continued fiscal responsibility to ensure a strong foundation for the Rotary Centre for the Arts.
  2. Manage human resources and a plan for recruitment, retention and succession of Board Members, Staff and Volunteers to ensure the very best people govern, lead and operate The Centre. 
  3. Invest in infrastructure that supports the future success of all activities and programs. 

Bring the Kelowna Arts Community Together

The Rotary Centre for the Arts will:

  1. Further define a brand that will be recognized by and resonate through the community.
  2. Develop effective communications and outreach strategies to maximize public awareness of The Centre and its Vision and Mission. 
  3. Advocate for and help artists and arts organizations succeed.
  4. Support the presentation and development of excellent programming to reflect and attract a broader and more diverse community.