heART Fit – Spontaneous Process Painting

What is HeART Fit?

  • a practice for those seeking a creative lifestyle and improved health through creative relaxation.
  • a 3-hour session of Spontaneous Process Painting.
  • a time to create ‘a resting heart’ by embarking on a journey of creative exploration, inviting creative spirit to lead you within, and awaken you to your authentic ‘self’
  • open to all ages (children accompanied by adults) and levels of experience – from those who have never picked up a paint brush to those who are experienced painters
  • supported and operated by participants in the group
  • a group experience whose focus is to learn from and encourage others as we evolve creative values.

Every Tuesday by donation. Supplies available for first visit (then bring your own). For more info, contact


EXHIBIT: Tascheleia Marangoni

Great West Life Mezzanine Exhibition


Tascheleia Marangoni is a Professional Cultural Dancer & Folk Artist who resides in Kelowna, British Columbia. Her life long passion is for Arts and Culture! Tascheleia’s art focuses mainly on the beauty of woman, dance, and traditions from cultures around the world. As an artist, she uses a variety of techniques and mediums to bring culture to life through impressionistic style, with great joy and passion!


EXHIBIT: Toby Wesenberg, ‘Golden’

Alex Fong Galleria Exhibition


  1. Coloured or shining like gold; 2. made or consisting of gold; 3. (of a period) very happy and prosperous; 3.1. (of an opportunity) very favorable.[1]

This body of work explores that sweet spot somewhere between order and chaos and the beauty in opportunities that emerge after a dark period.

Toby Wesenberg is a mixed media artist currently based in Kelowna, BC. She is a painter, drawer and makeup artist, who has completed arts courses at UBC Okanagan and MC College in Kelowna.

Toby enjoys the freedom of interdisciplinary experimentation in the creative arts, and uses colour, texture, emotion and intuition to guide her work. She uses a variety of mediums and materials as a means of expression; everything from acrylics, oils, ink, graphite and fabrics on canvas, paper or wood panel, to creative makeup looks and jewelry making.

Toby is driven by an innate need for creative expression, and to share with others the power, beauty and healing that artistic expression can bring.

Toby will be having her opening reception on Thursday, April 5th from 6-8pm. It is free and open to the public.


[1] English Oxford Living Dictionaries, 2018 Oxford University Press,


EXHIBIT: Elyse Selig, ‘Vu in Blu / Haiku’

Great West Life Mezzanine Exhibition

Elyse lives by the philosophy of “less is more”.  There is beauty in simplicity. This ideal has naturally drawn her to both watercolour art and Haiku poetry.  Since childhood, Elyse has been influenced by Japanese culture and arts. In this exhibit, Elyse explores the harmony of expression between images and words, by pairing each original painting with her own poetry. Along with nature, which is the subject of traditional Haiku, Elyse’s poems and paintings also explore contemporary social themes.

Oftentimes, in her creative process, Elyse reduces the number of design elements and techniques by surrendering to the natural characteristics of the medium; allowing water and pigments to merge, and organic shapes to develop naturally. Some of these shapes are created by tearing her painted paper and incorporating them into her compositions through collage. In these works, her predominant use of the colour blue (and its complement of orange), is a calming influence, while the simple structure of the accompanying Haiku – 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables – renders a complex idea to its essential meaning.

Elyse loves the beauty and harmony in all of creation. She paints subjects and scenes that evoke feelings of joy and wonder. Her artist signature is Elysee, meaning “that which is imbued with bliss”.

Elyse Selig grew up in the Edmonton area and has traveled extensively through North America, Europe and Asia.  Elyse lives and works as an artist in Kelowna, and Vernon, BC.


EXHIBIT: Heather Yip & Bethany Handfield

Pacific Safety Products Boardroom Exhibition

Artist Statement:

“Welcome to Whimsy Peaks! A town located at the top of some snowy mountains; possibly on this planet, but probably not. If you venture here who knows what kind of life forms you will encounter. Are these real entities or simply your own fading memories. You decide. Either way don’t tell anyone, Whimsy Peaks needs more visitors like you.”

-Heather Yip & Bethany Handfield