heART Fit – Spontaneous Process Painting

What is HeART Fit?

  • a practice for those seeking a creative lifestyle and improved health through creative relaxation.
  • a 3-hour session of Spontaneous Process Painting.
  • a time to create ‘a resting heart’ by embarking on a journey of creative exploration, inviting creative spirit to lead you within, and awaken you to your authentic ‘self’
  • open to all ages (children accompanied by adults) and levels of experience – from those who have never picked up a paint brush to those who are experienced painters
  • supported and operated by participants in the group
  • a group experience whose focus is to learn from and encourage others as we evolve creative values.

Every Tuesday by donation. Supplies available for first visit (then bring your own). For more info, contact


Glass Painting (ages 7-12)

with Sarah Parsons, Studio 113

Join Sarah for art class, we will be glass painting! Sarah will have a variety of fun glass and porcelain items to choose from. The Children will learn different brush stroke techniques which will help them to create designs. Non-parent participation. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Bring along a water bottle and light Veggie/Fruit snack if you would like.

(Sat) Mar 3, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM              $15


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Pro-D at the RCA (Ages 5-10)

Our professional instructors are geared up to keep youth involved & active in a variety of ways; dance/ drama games and art masterpieces, to name a few. Advance registration preferred, drop-in’s welcome. RCA PunchCards are welcome. Bring *peanut free* snacks, lunches, water bottle daily. Kidz Bag Lunch program available.

(Fri) Feb 23, 2018 | 9 AM – 4 PM | $40

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RCA ArtsBlast Punch Cards can be used for all “Drop-In Art Blast DAY Camps” offered during winter break, spring break, summer break and pro-d days.

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Let’s paint the Northern Lights! (ages 7-12)

with Sarah Parsons, Studio 113

Join Sarah for art class, we will be painting the Northern Lights. We will paint on canvas with acrylic and add various mixed media techniques. Our finished masterpiece will include a silhouette landscape and a majestic Canadian animal.

Non-parent participation. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Bring along a water bottle and light Veggie/Fruit snack if you would like.

(Sat) Jan 20, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM           $15



EXHIBIT: Michelle Loughery, ‘ROUTE BLUE BUOY Project’

Alex Fong Galleria Exhibition

Muralist & Studio ARTIST, Michelle Loughery -ROUTE BLUE BUOY Project is inspired by ancient hand to land art skills, that bridge cultures and people. The art-making experiential process, combined with environmental stewardship, is based on the Big Idea – Where did I come from? The art inspires dialogue and intergenerational storytelling. The “Diversity Mural Beads” engage community through creating public art out of rescued ocean buoys, and connecting our cultural diversity in celebration of artist collaboration.

Route Blue Buoys are a connection tool to explore ourselves, our diversity, the environment, and our communities. Artists are the speakers of the now, the painters of the visions and the hands lent to toil the stories of our lives. Engagement art is many hands coming together leaving artistic footprints behind.

Public Art Muralist

Michelle Loughery -For over 25 years, Michelle Loughery has created award winning art based legacy projects in British Columbia and Internationally.

Michelle’s artistic practices have had the ability to reach young people from within their community, build social infrastructure and a catalyst for infusing millions of dollars in programming and capital build funds into local economies while building regional, national and global and culturally diverse destination projects.

Projects that engage youth, elders and those who are not attached to the labour market nor skills learning environments; an engagement model that also provides essential skills, is inclusive and builds emotional intelligence; a vehicle that is the ladder and the bridge to entrepreneurship, support systems, higher education, trades, apprenticeships, jobs and the creative industry.

In partnership with The Oceans Legacy Foundation


EXHIBIT: Heather Yip & Bethany Handfield

Pacific Safety Products Boardroom Exhibition

Artist Statement:

“Welcome to Whimsy Peaks! A town located at the top of some snowy mountains; possibly on this planet, but probably not. If you venture here who knows what kind of life forms you will encounter. Are these real entities or simply your own fading memories. You decide. Either way don’t tell anyone, Whimsy Peaks needs more visitors like you.”

-Heather Yip & Bethany Handfield


EXHIBIT: Rachel Neale

Great West Life Mezzanine Exhibition

Rachel has been creating from a very young age, possibly since she first learned how to suss out her environment. Through mixed media and abstract paintings, she explores relationship with self, others and nature. Rachel is not afraid to tackle big emotions, messy conflict and conversations about mental health. She works and lives in Kelowna,
British Columbia.

Her intent as an artist is to illuminate the beauty and messiness of the human experience.

She works on canvas and wood panel with acrylic, ink, gel, and recently mixed media images. Her art is informed by how humans relate to each other, magic in the everyday, depression and anxiety. Rachel likes to challenge perception, or rather the perception that all perception is the same. She likes to make the eyes move and make the imagination come out to play. She is drawn to texture and messy mistakes.

Her idols from the world of art are Mark Rothko, Picasso, Andy Warhol and anyone who is willing to expose their talent to the criticism of others.

Rachel grew up in Northern Saskatchewan where it was cold and icy before moving to West Coast British Columbia where it was rainy and drear before ending up in the mountainous, sunny Okanagan where she will never leave.

Instagram: @artbyrachelneale


Christmas Craft Creation for Dad (ages 7-12)

with Sarah Parsons, Studio 113

Let’s create handmade gifts for Dad. Unique art on canvas, homemade card, hand painted mug and handmade key chain. We will wrap too! Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Bring water if you would like. Non parent participation.

(Sat) Dec 23, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM | $15



EXHIBIT: Jennifer Groen, ‘Recorded Moments’

Display Cases Exhibition

Artist Statement:

“I was looking for a different way to present smaller works of art that are easy to transport. After a trip to a local thrift shop and discovering all the record albums there, I decided to explore using records as the base for my images.

Recorded Moments are Print Images I have either painted or photographed and then mounted onto record albums. I then cover the image with resin to create a high shine, durable finish.

I hope you enjoy this well rounded collection of photography and art prints. Some of the pieces I have turned into clocks to create unique time pieces.”

Artist Bio:

Jennifer Groen has been exploring her love of art and photography since she was a young child. However, life happened and her art got put to the side for many years. In 2010, she experienced a very detailed image during a meditation and felt compelled to paint it. Since picking up her paintbrush in 2010 she has continued to explore her love of nature through painting and through photography. In 2016 she began sharing her paintings at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market and at Arts on the Avenue in Kelowna.


EXHIBIT: Carol Nelson Williams

South Atrium Exhibition

Carol Nelson Williams has developed skills as an artist in many mediums including digital art, acrylic and watercolour painting, mixed media, glass art and more.  Her passion is experimentation with diverse materials and  cutting edge techniques.

Her work incorporates abstraction, impressionism and realism in varying degrees.

Carol’s natural artistic ability emerged early in life.  As a five year old she amazed her teachers by creating unique animal paintings, comprised of  swirls, dynamic lines and unique shapes. Her love for animals continues to be expressed through her unique pet paintings.

She studied Art at the University of Lethbridge and Art Therapy as part of her Master’s Degree in Counselling psychology.  She has completed courses in Digital and Graphic Design at the California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS).

Carol has exhibited and sold her work locally as well as online. She is frequently commissioned to create artwork for clients throughout North America.

She will be showing in the South Atrium for the month of December with Arlene Buick.