What is HeART Fit?

  • a practice for those seeking a creative lifestyle and improved health through creative relaxation.
  • a 3-hour session of Spontaneous Process Painting.
  • a time to create ‘a resting heart’ by embarking on a journey of creative exploration, inviting creative spirit to lead you within, and awaken you to your authentic ‘self’
  • open to all ages (children accompanied by adults) and levels of experience – from those who have never picked up a paint brush to those who are experienced painters
  • supported and operated by participants in the group
  • a group experience whose focus is to learn from and encourage others as we evolve creative values.

Every Tuesday, $5 drop-in. Supplies available for first visit (then bring your own). For more info, contact

This evening features Art, Drama, Dance, and Music and is led by local professional instructors… a stellar experience exploring the power of imagination. Refreshment cash bar available.

(Sat) March 2 / 6:00 – 9:00 PM / $25

Register below or call 250-717-5304.
Your “ticket” refers to your registration in the class.
** Enter PROMO CODE “CLASS” to waive the online booking fee **