Leila Neverland Live Album Recording Concert

This is the concert she thought would never happen. This is the album she thought was forever out of reach, and in March of 2020, no one could have convinced her that she may once again step foot in a theatre, gather her local community, and share an elevated orchestration of her original compositions.

Through all odds and all hardship, Leila Neverland continues to be undeniable. Joined by top instrumentalists from across the province, this one-woman powerhouse is set to translate what starts as silence and ends in harmonious ecstasy in this 10-song live album recording and concert. Along with exclusive onstage VIP seating and a pre-show meet and greet, a special empty seat will be saved in honour of her Persian-Jewish heritage as an offering to those who cannot make it in person. Buckle up, get ready, and add your energy to a concert and live recording bound to be wrought with emotion, transparent hilarious storytelling, and pure love.

For more, visit www.leilaneverland.com