Art Studios for Lease

NOTE: While all our artist studios are currently occupied, we maintain a waitlist for prospective tenants. To be added to the waitlist, please contact Colleen Fitzpatrick, Executive Director at [email protected].

Are you an individual or organization who is active in the Kelowna arts and culture community?  Are you looking for an ideal location to develop your practice, company or community?  Do you aim to make a significant contribution to the vitality of the Kelowna arts and culture scene?

If this is you, we have got a studio for you!

Permitted uses are: to create, produce, manufacture, design or otherwise generate art; to instruct art skills; and produce or participate in public performances or displays; to develop or sustain cultural practices.

If you are interested in more details about the Rotary Centre for the Art’s Art Studios for lease, please contact Colleen Fitzpatrick, Executive Director at [email protected] or call 250-717-5304 ext.109. 

To apply please submit:

1. A personal CV or company profile
2. A maximum of 500 word statement on how your being located here will contribute to the life of the RCA, and how being at the RCA will impact your or your company’s artistic practice (see the below selection criteria for reference)
3.  A link to your artist website or company page
4.  Maximum 5 images of past works
5.  Two References

RCA Selection Criteria:

1. Demonstration of previous art experience (can include examples of work, awards, education and experience, exhibition history, etc.)
2. Demonstration of commitment to art practice (can include plans for exhibitions, new bodies of work, grant proposals, business plan, commissions, etc.)
3. Demonstration of optimum use of studio space (e.g. use of studio space largely for storage purposes is regarded as an unsatisfactory use of a valuable resource)
4. Demonstration of capacity to pay studio rent (financial reference)
5. Demonstration of need for studio space
6. Willingness to participate in, and contribute to the RCA’s mission and objectives (evidence of commitment to past RCA projects, other organizations, volunteer work, references, etc.)
7. Compatibility with the RCA resident artists, other tenants and facility users (as evidenced by references, the interview process, etc.)