Lost & Found

Reporting Lost Property

While the RCA is not responsible for personal items left on the property, a reasonable attempt will be made to return the items to the rightful owner.

  1. The RCA will make every attempt to contact the owner of found property if a name, phone number, address or email is located on the item.
  2. Lost property should be reported to the RCA front desk with a detailed description of the item alongside the date it was lost and contact information.
  3. Lost property can be reported by phone at (250)-717-5304, by email at [email protected] or in person at the RCA front desk.

Retrieval and Disposition of Lost Property

  1. The RCA will contact the rightful owner if lost property has been retrieved. 
  2. Upon request for a lost item, individuals must provide ID if necessary and a description of the item before it will be returned to them.
  3. The RCA will hold lost property until the end of each month with the exception of high valued property, (cell phones, cameras, keys). After such time, the RCA reserves the right to assign the items a final disposition. The property will either be discarded, donated or sold.

Items that have not been claimed are donated to local charities at the beginning of every month.