Danny Michel

Danny Michel is an award-winning Canadian multi-instrumentalist of significant talent. After all, it takes some musician to earn praise from David Bowie.

If you were to attach a genre to Michel’s work, you could select from rock, pop, folk, world or even classical, such is the diversity of his sound.

Michel’s own self-described musical A.D.D. has kept his music fresh for decades. His thoughtful lyrics and charming performances have earned a devoted fan base, multiple nominations for JUNOs, The Polaris Prize, CBC’s "Heart Of Gold", and most recently winning the CFMA's "Producer of the Year" and "Oliver Schroder Pushing the Boundaries" awards.

But Danny considers his career highlights to be the unique real-life moments like performing for Jane Goodall’s 85th birthday party, touring with Stuart Mclean and working with charities close to his heart.