Ana Eries Luyben

in the Alex Fong Galleria

This series is a small and fierce reflection of our local community and explores the dynamics of a woman’s personal empowerment. Each subject represents a different journey and comes from a different background. Yet all face similar challenges when carving out a path fueled by passion, individuality and nonconformity. My current project is an acrylic expression of feminine boldness through portraits. Each subject was presented with the questions; what empowers you and how do you empower others? Entrepreneur, artist, mother, company founder, trauma survivor, charity champion; Kelowna is bursting at the seams with women who thrive, despite odds against them. This series is a celebration, and an acknowledgement of the journey still ahead.

The Empowered project takes this exploration one step further by inviting the whole community to share their experiences as well. By answering these same questions and drawing a portrait, we are celebrating the legacy of democracy that women helped to build for all of us. A legacy that we must continue to build on.

This is my first Anomaly Artwork public series titled “Empowered Women of the Okanagan”. My previous work consists of concept artwork, album artwork, abstract portraits and live painting. I draw inspiration from the glorious work of Frida Kahlo, Alex Grey and Danny O’Conner.