Centre for Arts and Technology February- March 2021

in the Alex Fong Galleria

Group Statement

Curated by renowned artist and art instructor Elizabeth Dyczkowski, CAT and Friends features the work of students from the Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) and other local art students under the guidance of Dyczkowski.

The exhibit, which features portraiture, landscapes, animals, human figures, and still life, includes acrylic painting, oil painting, pencil/charcoal drawings, and digital and digital art. The variety of art featured in this exhibit speaks to the diversity of young artists in Kelowna.

“[Art] has no limitations. You can express yourself freely with colours, lines, shapes – whatever you want. That’s my favourite thing about art.” – Justin Wang

“[Art] has helped me in dealing with my emotions and anxieties, as well as some of my proudest moments in finding great success.” – Allie Cook

“My art is a process of stages and evolution of ideas. It may start off as one thing and end as something completely different.” – Adam Kuraitis

“It's usually a combination of thinking and feeling for when I'm getting to create something, based on what I want the finished product to be. Sometimes I will be very technical and detailed with it and plan everything out before touching anything, but others times it's fun to go for it and see what happens.” – Sydney Webb