Michelle Behr September- October 2020

in the Atrium and Display Cases

Artist Statement

The Hope Card Series is designed to promote hope for teens growing with mental health challenges. This gallery is a colourful exploration of finding light in the darkness created entirely with film (analog) photography. With a background in therapeutic photography, Michelle uses her art to help others grow. Having struggled with long term depression she realized that art therapy in application could not only heal herself, but give others the gift of hope as well. A portion of each sale is donated to Foundry Kelowna who is supporting our teens growing with mental health challenges. The series is available in both postcard and canvas print sizes to inspire you, your friends and family, and wider community.

The Men’s Voices photo book is a soul-driven photographic exploration of the lived experience of persevering in the face of adversity. With Men’s Voices, we make space to honour the strength and also the vulnerability of our men in each of their unique journeys. This fourteen part photo book showcases photos of men exploring their resiliencies along with quotations about how they overcame their greatest challenges and the gifts they utilized to grow. Telus Vancouver produced this series into a documentary “Into the Light” which deepens the perspective on men's mental health, and Michelle's healing personally through art therapy and community fundraising.

Artist Biography

Mama Bear to two young boys, Michelle is a heart-centered mompreneur who wants to uplift you with wedding, portrait, family, and event photography. She holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and practices therapeutic photography. Michelle enjoys fundraising for the community with the Hope Card postcard and canvas print series, and the Men's Voices coffee table book and documentary. Read more about the community fundraising projects the Hope Card Series and the Men’s Voices initiative. Michelle is based in Kelowna, B.C., and happy to travel worldwide to capture your uplifting moments.