Equipment Rental

Compliment your Rotary Centre for the Arts room rental with equipment to suit your event. All pricing includes set-up and clean up. If additional technical help is required, hourly rates will apply.

Theatre Projector 2 $50 ea / day
HDMI Portable Projector 1 $50 ea / day
6 foot Portable Screen 2 $20 ea / day
TV Screen - 40" 1 $70 / day
Microphone and Speaker 1 $25 / day
Piano Tuning N/A $150
Flags (Cdn & BC) 1 of each $10 / each
Flip Chart 2 $25 ea / day
4 x 8′ Platform Riser 2 $20 ea / day
Tiered Choir Riser (holds 10-12 people) 3 $20 ea / day
Black Linen Tablecloths   $8 / each
Set-up/Clean-up fee N/A $25 /room or $150/full bldg
6' Tables/ 8' Tables N/A First 5 Tables/no charge, $10 each additional Table
Marley Floor   $110
Easels   $15/ each

Technician Rate 

Minimum 3 hours/day: $45 per hour

Front of House Rate

$30 per hour

Live Streaming

In house – One Camera Shoot​: $100 plus tax
1 continuous shot of entire stage for the duration of the event (up to 3 hours)​
Equipment – 1x Mevo Camera 
Technicians needed – 2 house technicians; possibly only 1 depending on the event specifics
Suitable for simple streams of concerts, AGMs, conferences, workshops, award shows and lectures. A video recording post-event is not included (custom quote available if this is a requirement).
For more complex, multi-camera shoots, we will provide a custom quote based on needs on request (ballpark is $800 for equipment use plus tech time for two to three technicians @$100/hr).​


The Society collects 10% of gross receipts on all merchandising products sold in the Rotary Centre for the Arts.  The licensee must provide their own float and sales staff. The society collects 15% of gross receipts if the RCA provides float and sales staff. The RCA must receive notification at time of booking.

* All equipment rentals are exclusive to rental clients.