July 26, 2021​​​​​​​Three-time Juno Award Nominee Ginalina Spends a Week with RCA Arts Blast Campers

Three-time Juno Award Nominee Ginalina spends a Week with RCA Arts Blast Campers

Summer is filled with fun and surprises at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. This month the RCA offered a unique Ukulele camp experience hosted by musician, singer-songwriter, and three-time Juno nominated and Canadian Western Canadian Artist of the Year, Ginalina. It was a week our campers won’t soon forget.

“The ukulele is a very friendly, portable, and internationally-loved instrument.  With only four strings and a smaller body than a guitar, it makes a great starter instrument for anyone open to music”, comments Ginalina.  “It’s incredible how far discovering the basics can go – a few chords, natural strumming patterns, and meaningful encouragement can lead to new friendships, musical confidence, and a new happy place.  I’m looking forward to a great time together with the campers at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.”

For the special one-week ukulele-themed workshop, students ages 7 to 12 years old were introduced to the instrument in a fun, folky, and practical process.   Ginalina used a variety of music demonstrations, active memory games, summer challenges, and popular songs to build enjoyment, understanding, and talent on the ukulele.  During the camp week, students will have the opportunity to sign out their instruments to bring home to play, practice, and show their families.   A casual and memorable celebration performance together will be the grande capstone to the week and parents were invited to the Mary Irwin Theatre for the performance.

Community and Educational Programming Specialist, Andrew Stauffer, says, “Playing, writing, and listening to music in a way that is fun and highly engaging is integral to a well-rounded education. Between our camp with Ginalina and our regular Arts Blast offerings, our summer camp week was filled with ukulele, dance, visual arts, drumming, and voice acting. There is something for everyone at our camps which continue to the end of August.”

The Rotary Centre for the Arts’ popular Art Blast Camp lets children explore and play creatively through visual art, music, drama, and dance - all guided by our talented top-flight professional instructors and camp leaders. These camps feature a wide selection of fun and creative art activities.

​​​​​​​Three-time Juno Award Nominee Ginalina Spends a Week with RCA Arts Blast Campers