June 26, 2023RCA Summer of Arts

 How do you do, fellow kids? If you’re looking for fun, engaging, and FREE arts activities this summer, the Rotary Centre for the Arts has you covered. Welcome to Summer of Arts. The RCA is excited to offer free youth, teen, and family programs from July - August 2023. From Visual Arts and Textile Arts to DJing and Street Dance, there will be something for everyone. Get ready to ignite your creativity and dive into a world of exciting art forms with awesome instructors. Plus, make lifelong friends, have a blast, and connect with other cool creatives. No cap! (Do teens still say “no cap”?)

Every Saturday from July 8 to August 26, bring the whole family for Family Visual Arts Days. Enjoy a visual arts activity appropriate for all ages as well as lunch!

"We are incredibly grateful to be able to provide these new free youth and family programs to our community," says Colleen Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the Rotary Centre for the Arts. "As a non-profit performing arts organization, we firmly believe in the power of arts education and its ability to transform lives. By offering these accessible and cost-free programs, we are removing barriers and ensuring that all young individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background, have the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop new skills, and experience the joy of artistic expression”.

The youth workshops kick off on Friday, July 7 with Textile Arts. Each week, students aged 11 to 15 can explore sewing, tailoring garments, knitting, embroidery, and more.

Bust out some TikTok-worthy dance moves in our Street Dance workshops, starting Tuesday, July 11 for those 13 and up. You’ll get to learn the fundamentals of hip-hop, funk, and freestyle street dance in a supportive setting. No prior experience is needed!

Do you want to see a 10-foot bear? In our Giant Puppet Workshops on Mondays starting July 10, those 13 and up can work as part of a team or as individuals to help create a collection of puppets inspired by the living beings of Brandt's Creek. These puppets will be used for parades throughout downtown Kelowna, which participants are encouraged to join!

Need a place to try a new artistic medium? No problem – drop by Mixed Visual Arts for ages 11 – 15 starting Wednesday, July 12. With an open-studio vibe, explore painting, drawing, watercolour, printmaking, suminagashi, collage, and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to create in a communal, supportive space and to try new artistic methods and materials!

Make some cool tracks, customize a piece of clothing, or do both in DJing and Article Customization, starting Thursday, July 13. For ages 11 – 15, this combo drop-in will allow participants to move between learning how to operate DJ equipment and redesigning items brought from home. Pick something from your closet that needs some revitalizing, grab something from the thrift store and bring it in, grab an old bag from the garage, and let's see how we can change it up.

For ages 13 – 17, we have multiple 3-day intensive workshops for those looking for a more compact learning experience, starting with the Visual Art Intensive, from Tuesday, July 25 to Thursday, July 27. Participants will build their skills in different painting and drawing techniques. In the end, you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit your work in the Interior Health Building downtown (505 Doyle Ave, Kelowna BC.).

Clown around and get active in our Circus Arts Intensive, from Tuesday, August 8 to Thursday, August 10. Learn the unique skills of juggling, acrobatics, hula hoop, and the art of flow.

Our Anime Art Intensive, from Tuesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 24, is perfect for all anime and cartoon lovers. You’ll get to learn the fundamentals of anime art from an experienced anime artist and create your anime and/or cartooning style!

The RCA Summer of Arts is made possible through generous support from the Sedin Family Foundation. The Rotary Centre for the Arts is a registered charity that provides enriching art programs to the community, creating opportunities for artistic exploration and personal development.

Unleash your creativity with us this summer! Don’t miss out, register for these exciting workshops today and learn more about each instructor at: https://rotarycentreforthearts.com/events/special-events/summer-of-arts/

RCA Summer of Arts