An RCA Update COVID-19

Dear cultural community,

Like so many others across the world, we find our organization impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as we collectively do our best to flatten the curve and protect our families and each other.

Today, we have made the decision to close our doors. As of 8 pm on March 18th, the Rotary Centre for the Arts will be closed until further notice. 

Our Arts Blast spring break camps will continue this week with a handful of kids still in attendance. Camps scheduled for next week (March 23–27) are cancelled.  Moving forward, public access will only be available to our tenants and select, small, programs that they may offer.

I am proud of the entire RCA team, who have gone above and beyond in supporting one another and our arts and culture community. We are moving fast in unchartered waters and they continue to step up quickly and effectively despite the uncertainty and concern that is so familiar to us all.

We maintain our commitment to celebrate, nurture, and promote the Arts throughout this crisis. We will come through this together.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at


Colleen Fitzpatrick
Executive Director
Rotary Centre for the Arts