July 6, 2020Visit the RCA Galleria and celebrate the Empowered Women of the Okanagan

Galleria Exhibit at the RCA: "Empowered Women of the Okanagan"

We currently have a fantastic exhibit on display in our Galleria - "Empowered Women of the Okanagan" by Ana Eries Luyben AKA Anomaly!

In Ana's own words: "This series is a small and fierce reflection of our local community and explores the dynamics of a woman’s personal empowerment. Each subject represents a different journey and comes from a different background. Yet all face similar challenges when carving out a path fueled by passion, individuality and nonconformity.

My current project is an acrylic expression of feminine boldness through portraits. Each subject was presented with the questions; what empowers you and how do you empower others? Entrepreneur, artist, mother, company founder, trauma survivor, charity champion; Kelowna is bursting at the seams with women who thrive, despite odds against them.

This series is a celebration, and an acknowledgement of the journey still ahead."

The exhibit is free to view and open to the general public! Visit the RCA, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm or Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, to check it out.

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