October 31, 2023RCA Summer Visions: Interior Health Exhibition by Okanagan Youth

For young artists, there is often nothing more exciting than publicly showcasing your works of art. This past summer with the RCA and Kelowna’s Interior Health, RCA’s  Summer of Arts participants and Arts Blast Summer campers had the chance to do just that. Our latest off-site exhibition, RCA Summer Visions, brings together the vibrant and diverse artistic expressions of children and teens, capturing a glimpse into their summer exploration at the RCA.  

“This exhibition shows the talent and boundless creativity of young artists. It’s a celebration of their imaginative journeys and a reflection of the transformative power of artistic exploration,” says Colleen Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the Rotary Centre for the Arts. “We are immensely proud of their achievements, and we invite everyone to experience the world of art through their eyes." 

Located in the 2nd-floor hallway of Kelowna’s Downtown Interior Health building (505 Doyle Ave), 17 of these artworks are the result of the RCA’s Summer of Arts - Visual Art Intensive Program for youth supported by the Sedin Family Foundation. These teens spent a full 3 days crafting large-scale works under the guidance of our talented instructors, Angie Marchinkow, Kaylyn Hardstaff, and Jesse Roode. Each day, these artists explored different mediums, from charcoal to paint, to help create their final work for display. This program was a significant component of RCA's Summer of Arts and was made possible through the generous support of the Sedin Family Foundation, allowing the RCA to create 8 weeks of cost-free artistic enrichment for youth in the Kelowna community. RCA’s Summer of Arts included drop-in sessions, immersive 3-day intensives for youth and teenagers, and engaging family-oriented activities that welcomed all ages. 

Accompanying these works are 16 whimsical pieces of art created by children in our Arts Blast Summer Camps. Inspired by the themes of each camp, "Animal Planet," "All Around the World," "Dinosaurs," and "Deep-Sea Adventure”, these works truly show the energy and passion of each student. Their meticulous collages feature all sorts of hand-drawn creatures, from T-Rexes to flamingos.  

Laura Powell, who works in Interior Health’s Seniors’ Centre, feels lucky to have her desk situated at the end of a hallway displaying some of these artworks. “The staff spend enough time looking at those paintings to notice when new pieces are brought in,” says Laura. “But even more impactful, is that so many of our clients comment on what they see. I really think the exhibit brings life to the area and generates warmth and comfort for our patients.” 

Art is known to have a positive impact on one's well-being. Research shows that art in a healthcare setting can reduce stress and create a more welcoming environment. We are proud to hang these pieces in Kelowna’s Interior Health and hope that these 33 youthful artworks can brighten the day of any patient, staff member, or visitor who stops by.  

As you stroll through this exhibit, you'll witness not only the transformational power of artistic education but also the collective brilliance that emerges when young minds come together to explore, create, and inspire. RCA Summer Visions is on display in Downtown Kelowna’s Interior Health building until December 17th.  

Special thanks to Kelowna’s Interior Health Art Curator, Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, and Corporate Director, Givonna De Bruin.  

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RCA Summer Visions: Interior Health Exhibition by Okanagan Youth